Zak Ziebell


Amema Fall/Winter 2019

3D printed jewelry and apparel collection, coming soon.

3D Printing and the Status of Objects

A short book which considers the impact of 3D printing on the valuation of aesthetic objects, and offers a critique of 3D printing as a technological practice. It draws from a wide range of sources: current human computer interaction research, the philosophical works of Walter Benjamin, Gilbert Simondon, and Achille Mbembe, as well as Marxist critiques of labor and automation. This essay ...

Brain Mold

Derived from a structured light scan of a donated brain, a 3D model was used to generate a series of 3D printed molds which reproduce the form and consistency of a brain with low-cost gel. An ongoing collaboration with Brown Alpert Medical School student Ollin Venegas.


Brown Daily Herald
RISD Nature Lab

Not Curious

Exhibition in a display case at Brown University's Rockefeller Library.

X Page

Pages I've created as the editor of the "X Page" of the Indy.


Article written for the College Hill Independent.
PDF Link.

Theater That Was Rome

Theater That Was Rome
I implemented a redesign of this website using Django, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


A terrain generator/destroyer written in Java, using the Diamond-Square algorithm. Currently features several choices of landscape (alpine, desert, arctic, plains, islands, himalaya) along with destructible towns and trees. A custom algorithm is used generate the towns and place them on favorable parts of the map.

Punishment Writing

In Plato’s dialogue Protagoras, Socrates confronts the eponymous sophist in an argument concerning whether virtue can be taught.1 The argument begins when Socrates accompanies his student Hippocrates on a journey to the home of Callias, where Protagoras is staying; Hippocrates, a young aristocrat, wishes to enter the political sphere of Athens, and desires the ...

Technologies of Care

Rhizome Download - Technologies of Care
I prepared 3d models and wrote the Three.js code for this artwork by the artist Elisa Giardina Papa.


Contrascanned is an archive of contrascans: 3d models that have been "stolen" from videos or photographs unintended for photogrammetric use. More information available at

US Epigraphy Project

US Epigraphy Project
I did design work for this website with HTML, CSS, and JQuery.


Approximately 20,000 images with the hashtags #nailart or #nailporn were scraped from Instagram, Tumblr, and Reddit. Using the DCGAN.torch framework, a neural network was trained overnight on the scraped images. Forcing the generator to produce an image at 4000x4000 pixels in size resulted in a pattern which was used to create a dress by Amelia Zhang and Zoe Schlacter.

Tweets of Providence

A program written with Processing and Twitter4J, and using Google Earth assets. Streamed tweets from Providence while showing a Google Earth rendering of the area the tweet originated from.

History Comic

An educational graphic novel I created during my junior and senior years of high school. Self-published on Amazon with 1000+ copies sold.