Zak Ziebell


Sculpture and painting series inspired by Heidegger's Question Concerning Technology and Wittgenstein's Tractatus, particularly proposition 5.556 and its sub-propositions.

There cannot be a hierarchy of the forms of elementary propositions. We can foresee only what we ourselves construct.
Empirical reality is limited by the totality of objects. The limit also makes itself manifest in the totality of elementary propositions. Hierarchies are and must be independent of reality.
If we know on purely logical grounds that there must be elementary propositions, then everyone who understands propositions in their unanalyzed form must know it.
In fact, all the propositions of our everyday language, just as they stand, are in perfect logical order.—That utterly simple thing, which we have to formulate here, is not an image of the truth, but the truth itself in its entirety. (Our problems are not abstract, but perhaps the most concrete that there are.)

Computer art


Hand art