Zak Ziebell


20 years old. Studying painting, computer science, and philosophy at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Interested in landscapes, interfaces, and history.

Collaborative Projects

Personal Projects


A terrain generator/destroyer written in Java, using the Diamond-Square algorithm. Currently features several choices of landscape (alpine, desert, arctic, plains, islands, himalaya) along with destructible towns and trees. A custom algorithm is used generate the towns and place them on favorable parts of the map.

The beta version was submitted as a final project for my CS015 class, but it's still a work in progress. Collaborating with Javier Maldonado to reimplement it in C++ with OpenFrameworks instead of JavaFX, and a graph/node based structure instead of a grid. Planned features include rivers, roads, terrain deformation, and multiple biomes in one map.